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Corporate Vision

To be the leader and best employer of the industry
• Earn respect of users by listening to them, satisfying and exceeding their needs and expectations.
• Earn respect of employees by continuously improving our corporate reputation so that JWEI is a company employees are proud to work for.
• Earn respect within the industry by promoting healthy development of the vaping industry and win-win collaborations with partners.

Corporate Mission

To create an alternative lifestyle
• Address the diverse needs of different regions and consumers by offering differentiated products and services.
• Build a healthy, win-win ecosystem based on open collaboration with partners.
• Create a healthy and happy lifestyle for our customers.

Core values

Pioneering and innovative, precise and efficient, client-oriented for win-win cooperation
• Pioneering and innovative, that is to forge ahead with determination. Dare to challenge and innovate. Stay passionate and active.
• Precise and efficient, that is to set the goal and execute precisely. To pursue efficiency and strengthen the ability to organize.
• Client-oriented. Our clients are supreme, our service is sincere. All resources are centered on clients, all we do are for clients.

Corporate Activities

Annual Carnival

The JWEI group annual carnival held is the largest annual event for our employees and their families to participate in and to have fun.
Team Competitions

Everyone at JWEI got a talent! Friendly competitions let the team show off their athletic prowess in table tennis, snooker, badminton and more. Our team competition has also uncovered plenty of star potential.
Group Tourism

Every year, our staffs have a chance to take a group tourism. A good opportunity to enhance understanding and develop team spirits. We believe teamwork enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.