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Fast Heat Conduction

The RFC converts electrical energy to the heating surface uniformly and effectively (up to 250℃ in under 0.3 second), which provides instant vapor generation for a satisfying vaping experience.

Even Heating with Zero Hot-spot

The RlFTCORE(RFC)is the only solid-state heater in the industry that transfers electrical energy to the surface of an advanced, thermally conductive ceramic in a super uniform way. The temperature radient accross the heating surface during operation is measured to be 3.9 percent!* This greatly enhances the vaping experience by effectively eliminating hot spots, which is a problem that plagues metal and ceramic heating elements commonly used today.

*The temperature gradient is defined by difference between the hottest and coolest points divided by the hottest point on the surface of the advanced ceramic of the rFc heater.

Safe Material, Pure Vaping

The RFC is made from a medical grade advanced ceramics in the United States. It has been independently tested also in the United States by a third-party laboratory for emission comparisons, showing that it is far safer than normal coils.

Optimal Nicotine Delivery

Based on the RFC advantages (mass, fast and even heating), it provides maximized vapor production with optimal nicotine delivery.

Precise Temperature Control

Combining precise temperature control with a super uniform heating surface helps to protect the original structure of nicotine, CBD, THC, terpenes, flavoring molecules, and other organic compounds.
This elevates the efficiency in the delivery and absorption of the targeted compounds of the vaporizer system.